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Quantum Advantage

NIWC Pacific scientists explore the Quantum Advantage in its labs, with its partners, and on the National Science and Technology Council’s Subcommittee on Quantum Information Science. With quantum experts from across the nation, they ask: What will harnessing quantum phenomena mean for the Navy and the warfighter?

Answers fall in a few categories: sensing, computing, communications, and materials, and the Center has projects to show for each. Answers outside of practical applications have to do with building a quantum Navy: attracting dedicated talent, giving and receiving training, and contributing to national discussions about the future of quantum technology.


Navy Quantum Computing Program Office

Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific
All answers point to a vision of a Navy equipped with even more secure communications networks, more advanced sensors, and the faster threat detection and response that comes with them. It’s a vision of improved navigation, smarter autonomous systems, and more accurate modeling and simulation.

It’s unprecedented decision advantage at quantum speed in an increasingly uncertain world and exploration of this new frontier won’t decelerate anytime soon.

Co-leads Naval Research Laboratory and NIWC Pacific established the Naval Quantum Computing Program Office Dec. 2, 2023, where quantum subject matter experts across all 14 naval warfare centers are able to collaborate on quantum applications for the Department of Defense.

The program office manages access to the Air Force Research Laboratory’s hub and its advanced quantum computing power on the IBM Quantum Network.

Back in the NIWC Pacific labs, scientists and engineers are working on a new government-owned facility dedicated to quantum research. They’ll make and test their own prototypes in a lab designed to perform powerful, ultra-precise quantum experimentation.

If we are experiments away from making sense of the quantum world — quanta of training, partnerships, and groundbreaking moments away — then scientists at NIWC Pacific are making strides toward the answers.


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