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COSMOS is an extremely advanced zero trust cloud computing platform that moves Navy away from traditional IT by providing access to emerging technologies while accelerating speed to capability. COSMOS has implemented a framework to embrace cloud technologies natively while addressing many of the challenges with GovCloud by automating onboarding processes, workflows, security control assignment, and continuous monitoring, while providing a scalable environment that does not limit developer/mission requirements. COSMOS removes human-in-the-loop through automation where the speed of mission is maintained by the mission owner and enables the art of possible, so warfighters receive unhindered capabilities to maintain battlefield superiority.

The COSMOS architecture incorporates hand-selected cutting-edge government and commercial tools that brings the COSMOS vision to reality. All key enablers were incorporated into the innovative design to realize the "art of possible" that defines COSMOS as the next generation of a Navy Technical Agent.

Enablers include:
  • Initial CSP for MVP: AWS IL-4/5
  • Minimum bar of entry: U.S. Citizenship & CAC
COSMOS tips: Management, focus on cost optimization by reducing cost by utilizing COSMOS automation capabilities. Developers & Engineers: Architect secure Cloud solutions by creating elegant code and systems where DoD requirements are met. Master your Domain by learning, discovering and executing with less distractions and red tape. For Cybersecurity: Utilize regulatory operations with baked in security through pipelines that document, audit, and validate security controls. Think outside the box: reimagine compliance to find areas where updates could be real-time, continuous,  and complete with a focus on security.

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