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Are You Ready to Join One of Our Faculty Research Programs!

The Office of Naval Research sponsors educational activities that provide science and engineering faculty members from institutions of higher education the opportunity to participate in research of mutual interest to the faculty member and U.S. Navy laboratories like NIWC Pacific.


Summer Faculty Research Program (SFRP) and Sabbatical Leave Program (SLP)

Office of Naval Research (ONR) offers opportunities for faculty members to engage in scholarly, creative, professional, research, or other academic activities that will enhance the faculty member's professional contributions to their home institution and provide a foundation for future research collaboration with NIWC Pacific. The SFRP provides an opportunity for faculty to participate in research at a DoN laboratory or warfare center from May through August. The SLP provides an opportunity for faculty to participate in naval-relevant research at a DoN laboratory or warfare center during the academic school year. Eligible faculty must be U.S. citizens who hold teaching or research appointments at any U.S. college or university to include Minority Serving Institutions. For more information click here.

Education Partnership Agreement (EPA)

An EPA is an agreement between NIWC Pacific and an educational institution at any level of education to encourage and enhance study in scientific disciplines. The focus of an EPA is education, not collaboration. Under an EPA, NIWC Pacific can make personnel available to teach and develop science courses, provide sabbaticals for faculty and internships for students, involve faculty and students in projects, develop programs for students to receive academic credit working on projects, provide academic and career advice to students, and loan or transfer equipment in support of the EPA.


Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)

A CRADA allows NIWC Pacific and non-Federal parties to conduct specified research and development consistent with NIWC Pacific’s mission. A non-Federal party can be a U.S. or foreign company, university, entity, or person. Each party may provide personnel, services, facilities, equipment, intellectual property, or other resources; however NIWC Pacific cannot provide funds to the non-Federal party – funds may only be provided by the non-Federal party to NIWC Pacific (if required). Each party owns its data and intellectual property (IP) existing prior to, or developed outside of, the CRADA, and the parties share, to some extent, rights in data and IP developed under the CRADA. CRADAs can be multi-party with the addition of one or more non-Federal parties or Federal labs.

For more information on any of the above programs please contact us at:

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