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Office of the Chief Engineer


The NIWC Pacific Office of the Chief Engineer helps drive project innovation, cost savings, and productivity efficiencies through digital, systems, software, and service engineering-related frameworks, automations, processes, job aids, training, and tools.

Approximately sixteen government personnel (plus contractor technical experts) support our technical departments from the Point Loma Complex in San Diego, California.

Our office leads world-class digital, systems, software, and service engineering for our projects and products so that the warfighter gets the Information Warfare capability they need, before they need it. This includes a focus on digital and enterprise engineering and enabling activities, ranging from Model-Based Systems Engineering to User-Centered Design to Application Programming Interfaces to Overmatch Software Armory training and support. Our goal is to deliver tools, methods, and practices to our hard-working projects that help them in turn deliver resilient, secure, and innovative products faster to the warfighter while retaining high quality.

We deliver over 300 job aids, several frameworks, key tools, and 1,400+ pages of guidance to our workforce in areas that range from accessing the Naval Integrated Modeling Environment to Naval Research and Development Environment Cloud registration to a Digital Engineering Framework for Software and Applications on an internal-facing web site. We also deliver over one thousand training opportunities per year to our highly skilled workforce through direct (live) training courses, web-based training development, and promoting selected alternative learning and professional growth opportunities.

Our department works across the NAVWAR enterprise and with our internal technical departments to promote engineering exemplars, workforce development opportunities, best practices, and time-saving methodologies.

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