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A warfighter watching a computer screen performs a fleet installation: background bottom has battleships, and satellites orbiting the earth top.

Fleet Installation, Engineering and Logistics


The Fleet Installation, Engineering and Logistics Department (FIELD) delivers the Installation, In-Service Engineering, and Logistics Support needed to win the information warfare battle.

FIELD is a team comprised of highly educated and trained technicians, engineers, scientist, and Information Technology Specialist (civilian, military and contractors) geographically dispersed across San Diego CA, Norfolk VA, Bremerton and Everett WA.

FIELD delivers and sustains Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance systems to ensure readiness across the Information Warfare domain. Teams are integrated in all phases of the acquisition lifecycle process to ensure quality modernization and proactive sustainment support. Primary services consists of Production, Pre-Installation Checkout, Installation, System Operational Verification and Test, Fleet Technical Assistance, Sustainment Engineering, and an array Logistics support functions.

FIELD delivers and sustains over 900 modernizations a year using agile processes and innovative technologies. Robotics, drones, and LiDAR scanning technologies are used accelerate installation processes, create accurate installation drawings, and to perform non-destructive inspections that simulate environmental stresses on assemblies prior to construction. Sustainment technologies are used to proactively support the Fleet. Some of these technologies include: Augmented/ Virtual Reality, 5G, advanced manufacturing, proliferated remote monitoring, and Artificial Intelligence.

The warfighter is FIELD’s #1 priority. The team knows the threat, knows the mission, and thinks like the warfighter. FIELD participates and supports several naval exercises each year including Rim of the Pacific, Trident Warrior, Cooperation Afloat Readiness, and other mission focused training events. FIELD is strategically postured to provide superior services and exceptional products to meet the current and emerging Navy, Joint, and national needs.

FIELD manages and executes approximately 80 projects. Major Projects include:

  • Naval Tactical Command Support
  • Meteorological and Oceanographic
  • Tactical Data Links
  • Shore Security
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Tactical Networks
  • Satellite Communication
  • Radio
  • Messaging
  • Navigation
  • Cyber projects
  • And numerous other special projects

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