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About Overmatch Software Armory


Overmatch Software Armory (OSA) is a Navy DevSecOps Ecosystem that supports accelerated application development. This environment is comprised of OSA Tools, Agile Core Services, multiple Collaborative Staging Environments, and Application Arsenal. We leverage a continuous cyber accreditation process, Rapid Assess and Incorporate Software Engineering (RAISE), to dramatically reduce the time it takes to receive an ATO. As
part of this ecosystem OSA Tools uses a portfolio of development tools and processes for intelligent continuous integration and continuous delivery in an environment that validates security, quality, and resiliency early in the software development life cycle. In conjunction with Agile best practices, OSA shortens the time from software development to deployment while maintaining product quality and ensuring a high level of security compliance. OSA allows projects to optimize costs and increase quality by enforcing a high degree of security policies and role-based access control, and modernizing application architectures toward microservices. 

If you would like to learn more, please or visit us here,, or reach out to the OSA Concierge at



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OSA Onboarding Overview

1. Overmatch Software Armory Project Request
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Submit a new project request and accept a cost quote.

2. Funding and Account Creation
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The project will provide funding and the OSA team will create the project account. Once the project is provisioned, request OSA user accounts.

3. User Management and Getting Started
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Once the OSA user accounts are established, an admin from the project will add the team members and manage tool access.

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