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Business Portfolios


NIWC Pacific competencies are represented within our Business Portfolio’s below:

Battlespace Awareness

The Battlespace Awareness Portfolio is focused on the development and delivery of capabilities to improve the Navy's understanding of our potential adversaries - their strengths, their weaknesses, their operational tendencies, the way they make decisions, how quickly those decisions are made - the location, movements and activities of any coalition or neutral parties - and to also improve our understanding of the environment - oceanographic, meteorological, space weather, the status of the electromagnetic spectrum, and how those environmental conditions will impact our operations.

Business and Force Support

Focuses on engineering, development, support and sustainment of business and force support applications used in the conduct of business and force support functions. Includes systems of systems integration and testing of application software, cloud computing, virtualization, hardware and smart devices. Design, build, and maintain Navy-designated computing environments and computing infrastructure. Involvement in related green initiatives and environmental initiatives. Engineering and integration of force protection and force support systems, applications, hardware and software to ensure force protection capabilities.

Decision Superiority

Capability focus areas include Command and Control, Tactical data Link, and Global Positioning Navigation and Timing Systems and Software Teams; Software Integration and Quality Assessment; and Test Evaluation and Certification. Includes Command Center design and implementation engineering, warfighter support for various fielded capabilities, and science & technology research & development with emphasis on C2 technologies.

Discovery and Invention

Science and Technology basic and Applied Research initiatives are found in all technical areas. These S&T initiatives represent "venture capital" for future technologies. Supporting activities in this portfolio ensure research is forecast, demonstrated, and transitioned, in partnership with industry and academia to provide a mechanism for transferring technology from Navy labs to commercial applications. Other elements of this portfolio include Marine Mammal Systems and outreach to the next generation of STEM professionals.

Integrated Cyber Operations

Focuses on the development of technical cyber capabilities to ensure the nation’s DoD and naval information and information systems are available when called upon. This includes cybersecurity and offensive cyber expertise and capability development in the following areas: cryptographic, key management and CDS engineering; cybersecurity architecture and engineering; computer network defense; assessments of cyber risk to mission; risk management; penetration testing; and offensive tool development.

Portfolio Coordinator, Indo-Pacific

Code H manages projects in all business portfolios for the Pacific area of operations. Local Portfolio leads team with their respective Center Portfolio managers, facilitated by the Code H Portfolio Coordinator. Has an established C4I/MILCON sub portfolio that helps oversee, coordinate and standardize C4I work being executed in concert with military construction projects.

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