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The Department of Navy (DON) appointed the Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE) as NIWC Pacific's cloud brokerage in 2017. NR&DE cloud brokerage is focused on experimentation and development of software created for Tactical, Afloat, Ashore, and Hardened Systems, leveraging available development tools, infrastructure, and complimentary security services provided by the Commercial Cloud Service Provider (CCSP)​.
The NR&DE Cloud brokerage offers two cloud service offerings to support your research and development requirements:

  1. NR&DE Cloud: NR&DE provides Naval Research & Development Establishment labs and its developers with Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, security services, and development tools via a Commercial Cloud Service Provider (CCSP). This allows for a secure development, testing, and staging environment for tactical, afloat, ashore, and hardened systems. It provides an environment to develop and test new capabilities for the warfighter. Learn more about NR&DE Cloud here.
Primary Use Cases: Secret (IL6) Cloud, Unclass (IL4/5) Azure Cloud, and projects or programs requiring Overmatch Software Armory (OSA) Tools.
  1. COSMOS:  An extremely advanced zero trust cloud computing platform that moves Navy away from traditional IT by providing access to emerging technologies while accelerating speed to capability. COSMOS has implemented a framework to embrace cloud technologies natively while addressing many of the challenges with GovCloud by automating onboarding processes, workflows, security control assignment, and continuous monitoring, while providing a scalable environment that does not limit developer/mission requirements. COSMOS removes human-in-the-loop through automation where the speed of mission is maintained by the mission owner and enables the art of possible, so warfighters receive unhindered capabilities to maintain battlefield superiority. Learn more about COSMOS here
 Primary Use Cases: Unclass (IL4/5) Cloud on AWS, and any project/program that does not require access to OSA Tools


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