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The Cyber/S&T Department is NIWC Pacific’s focal point for three primary portfolios: offensive and defensive cyber operations, electromagnetics and information operations convergence, and science and technology research and innovation.

We are a team of 820 personnel with primary locations in San Diego and Philadelphia.

Cyber activities aim to develop scientific and engineering approaches that ensure the nation’s Department of Defense and naval information and information systems are available when called upon. This includes cybersecurity and offensive cyber expertise and capability development in the following areas: cryptographic, key management and Cross Domain Solution engineering; cybersecurity architecture and engineering; computer network defense; assessments of cyber risk to mission; risk management; penetration testing; and offensive tool development. Our defensive cybersecurity systems protect and defend against malicious attacks and detect adversarial actions that aim to penetrate and exploit our mission-critical systems.

In the realm of electromagnetic maneuver warfare, our teams rapidly deliver affordable and interoperable antenna and radio frequency systems that empower the warfighter to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum and win the fight. Focus areas include developing resilient communications to ensure connectivity in contested environments, information operations, electromagnetic survivability, and real-time spectrum operations. As Electromagnetic Maneuver and Information Operations shift in focus towards Distributed Maritime Operations, they are quickly becoming viable alternatives to traditional targeting and kinetic attack. Our team focuses on continued advances in Electromagnetic Maneuver and Information Warfare that deliver technologies that will serve as force multipliers and allow for surgical use of kinetic weapons.

Science and Technology activities are centered on basic and applied research, advanced technology development, and the transition of latest technologies that solve naval, joint, inter-agency, and coalition technology gaps. The department innovates and forecasts future technologies to avoid technological surprises from adversaries. Current focus is on the areas of AI/ML, quantum communications and sensing, signals processing, information operations, antenna design, energy harvesting, human-machine interactions, non-linear dynamics, massive computational architectures and approaches, environment assessment, and material physics. Performers routinely use modeling and simulation, experimentation, demonstration events to develop and assess tools that the warfighters need. The various S&T teams regularly collaborate and partner with Research and Development communities in a wide range of disciplines internally, across industry and academia, both domestically and internationally.

The department educates, mentors, and develops a capable and motivated workforce to meet current and emerging Navy, Joint, and National requirements; it supports multiple warfighting and Homeland Defense missions; enables workforce access to the latest and greatest tools of the trade; optimizes day-to-day organizational processes; and promotes workforce participation in domestic and international information exchange events.

The department manages and executes approximately 270 projects. Major sponsors include:
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
  • Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
  • Naval Information Warfare Systems Command
  • Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Naval Air Systems Command
  • United State Marine Corps

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