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Our Technology


Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific is a full-spectrum research, development, test, and engineering laboratory providing information warfare (IW) expertise, products and services to the fleet by delivering cutting-edge technologies and rapid integration capabilities to warfighters.

Technological breakthroughs and advancements are continuously achieved at NIWC Pacific, evidenced by the more than 1,000 invention disclosures, filed patent applications and issued patents developed during the past five years.

NIWC Pacific is proud of its workforce and the number of active-duty service members stationed at the command —one of the largest of any naval warfare laboratory or warfare center. This unique arrangement combines the fleet and operational expertise of the warfighter with the skills of the laboratory’s research staff. This advantage is further enriched by our partnerships with academia and industry to tackle real-world problems and adapt them into strategic technological advances for our joint forces, partners, and allies.

Key Technical Capability Areas inlcude:

- Envision and create game-changing capabilities

- Basic and applied research with a focus on operational transitions in C4ISR, cyber and space

- Artificial Intelligence/ machine learning, data science, and decision optimizationQuantum research for novel capabilities

- Seabed to space systems

- Agile innovation at the speed of relevance

- Create and maintain decision advantage

- Rapid prototyping and delivery

- Software engineering and development

- Agile, cloud-based, development, security and operations, digital twins, rapid delivery, over-the-air software delivery

- Know the threat, mission and users

- C4ISR and mission autonomy for unmanned systems

- Command and control and battle management aids

- Full lifecycle engineering and in-service support for IW capabilities

- User-centered design and intuitive user experience

- Navy Marine Mammal Program

- Engineer systems to survive and win

- Adaptable and resilient communications and sensing across the spectrum

- Offensive and defensive cyber capability development

- Development of advanced communications and networking technologies

- Resilient command, control and communications


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