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A strike missile DDG, and stealth fighter are blended over a digital locator map

Advanced Concept Demonstrator (ACD)


The ACD is a tool used for concept exploration, storytelling, and data visualization.

ACD was designed, built, and installed for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering  (OUSD R&E), Critical Technologies Office, using the Center’s User Interface Prototyping Tool (UIPT), which is built on the Unity game engine development environment creating 4K visualizations.

ACD is a demonstration tool that allows Department of Defense leadership to visualize a range of “4D” warfighting future capabilities, demonstrating the effects of these various new technologies and predicting how they will impact the U.S. and adversary warfighting capabilities and outcomes.

ACD storytelling capabilities include:

  • Explaining complex concepts with 3D maps, vectors, videos, and animations
  • Allowing users to control the pace of storytelling
  • Augmenting what is shown on screen with educational blurbs and references
  • Consuming real output (such as from the Advanced Framework for Simulation (AFSIM), Integration and Modeling) and displaying results on a map
  • Exploring how objects interact with each other in 3D space and describing various outcomes

We use a rigorous design and engineering process supported by human factors methodology.

Each demonstration begins with a storyboard and visual references, given to our team by experts who want to tell their stories.

Our designers conduct additional research and analysis, and combine that with the background information given to create storyboards and wireframes.

These are reviewed by the experts before being handed to the developers to bring the story to life under a unified user interface and experience.

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