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Who We Are


The Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific exists to develop and deploy technologies for the warfighters of the U.S. military and our allies. We do this with a purpose and commitment to preserve and defend this Nation we all call home.

We have been at the forefront of leading the Navy through the challenges of harnessing the power of information technologies to prevail across the spectrum of conflict for more than 80 years.

This has been our heritage and is most certainly our future.

The technologies we work with are evolving rapidly, and the warfighters we support count on us to invent and innovate to produce the tools they need to prevail in the 21th century battlefield. The challenge before us is to transform today so we can enable warfighters to dominate an operational environment yet to evolve.

To meet the mission and realize our future, we organized our collective efforts around five strategic focus areas: Culture, Think Big, Go Fast, Think Warfighter, and Go Tough.


NIWC Pacific Who We Are

Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

These focus areas help us to:

  • Inspire a culture of agility, innovation, and high performing teams.
  • Discover, innovate, and advance unmatched and disruptive technology.
  • Be agile, innovative, disruptive, and risk tolerant to deliver capability at the speed of relevance.
  • Be in the mind of the warfighter—to know the threats they face and the mission—in order to anticipate technologies and deliver systems that are easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Deliver systems engineered to survive and win.

Our seven core values guide our efforts:

  • Do the right thing - We hold ourselves to the highest standards and keep faith with the public trust.
  • Honor-bound - We stand as one in service to our Nation.
  • Warfighter focused - We aim to delight the warfighter.
  • Empowered - We are empowered leaders making a difference every day.
  • Inclusive - We derive our strength from our unity.
  • Creative - We are a wellspring of creativity and innovation.
  • Collaborative - We show up for each other.
Realizing our vision and meeting the mission is our collective goal, and together with our government and industry partners, we will bring the power of information to the fight!


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