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Bring the power of information to the fight

NIWC Pacific’s Command and Control and Enterprise Engineering (C2E2) professionals design, engineer, test, and support command and control, business, and enterprise capabilities across all warfighting domains. More than 800 scientists, engineers, and technicians in C2E2 bring experience and expertise in software, systems engineering, and test, evaluation, and certification. Our focus is to ensure naval, joint, and coalition warfighters out-think and out-pace any adversary’s decision loop. C2E2 brings the power of information to the fight!


Tactical and Strategic Communications and Networks
  • Tactical and Strategic Networks – Designing, Developing, Integrating and Testing networks that meet the unique operating needs and constraints of warfighting platforms including manned and unmanned platforms that go undersea, on the surface, and airborne. Providing the full gamut of Wide Area Networking, Local Area Networking, and Data Center designs to support the dynamic environments that the naval platforms require.
  • Satellite Communications (SATCOM) – Providing Systems Engineering and Test & Evaluation support. This includes SATCOM terminal support across the DOD as needed.
  • Tactical Communications – Communications (Comms) support for non-SATCOM, including terrestrial Comms inclusive of Line-of-Site, and Beyond-line-of-Site to include HF, VHF and UHF Comms. Such sub-categories include HF Automatic Link Establishment as well as various frequency hopping technologies.
Enterprise Communications and Network
  • Enterprise Communications – Leading large-scale experiments involving technical evaluation, planning services, and subject-matter expertise for wireless communications including 5G technology for Navy and DoD Enterprise Networks.
  • Enterprise Networks – Systems Engineering, program support, technical oversight, and management that deliver capability and solutions for a vast majority of the information technology services for the Navy and Marine Corps, in addition to innovative product and service developments in cloud computing and mobility.  
  • Strategic Networks & Comms – Definition, development and support for strategic forces with hardened waveforms, radios and networks system of systems for global communications between Navy and Joint DoD assets. 
  • Enterprise Systems Engineering – Providing Digital Engineering (including Model-based Systems Engineering and Configuration Management) services, expertise, and tools to support digital systems engineering utilizing authoritative data and automated processes to maximize data sharing and reuse throughout the systems engineering lifecycle
Position, Navigation and Timing 
  • Navigation Systems Engineering and Integration – Providing U.S. Navy surface combatants critical PNT data to weapon, navigation and C4I systems
  • Navigation Systems Development – Providing for the development and fielding of the next generation GPS receivers and development and verification of emergent PNT technologies
  • Oceanographic Survey – Supporting the creation of Bathymetric Charts that allow SSBN platforms to obtain accurate navigation fixes to reset their inertial navigators
  • International Collaboration – Developing emergent Navigation Warfare products with Coalition Partners
Science and Technology
  • Advanced Photonics – Basic and Applied Research and prototype development in in Free Space Optics, Radio Frequency photonics, integrated fiber and guided-wave photonics, laser processing of materials, and quantum photonics.
  • Communications & Antenna Research – Developing advanced antennas designs providing resilient communication paths using modern technologies such as phased-arrays.
  • Advanced Integrated Circuit Technology – Providing robust research into unique naval applications of integrated circuit technology providing exquisite capabilities to support the warfighter’s needs.
  • Modeling and Simulation – Leading the development of advanced Live-Virtual-Constructive environments to rapidly test novel concepts in an affordable, scalable manner enabling speed-to-capability at unprecedented rates.
  • Atmospheric Propagation – Leading advanced research and studies into the impacts of the atmosphere on various communication methods – whether Electro-Optical or Radio-Frequency.
  • Advanced PNT – Ensuring that precise Position, Navigation, and Timing data is available to the warfighting systems across naval platforms regardless of the conditions. Developing PNT solutions that are available for any form or fit, to ensure that precise PNT data is always available on every platform.
  • Networks research – Exploring modern and efficient approaches to delivering data to enable the current and future naval engagements. Enabling groundbreaking technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, through robust and optimized data center designs.
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